The T4 Project

From the streets of Great Britain and the United States, ‘The T4 Project: Story-Based Concept Album’ was recorded in 7 studios throughout two continents, bringing together the people, ideals, and musical styles that span the diversity of the punk scene. The concept album was independently produced by Shannon Saint Ryan, tracking over 2.5 years of multiple recording sessions meticulously scheduled around the hours of a regular full-time day job. ‘The T4 Project’ contains 10 original songs and 8 satirical commercial interludes that surge with social and political commentary, plus a 24 page graphic novel story-booklet illustrated by the renowned artist, Keith Rosson, and a 40-person-strong special musical guest appearance by the VC Choir. The result is a community- not a compilation- of like-minded artists contributing their time and efforts, working together in the belief that music can still inspire and teach its listeners.


What is the t4 project?